About Chemical Material Suppliers

We are an industrial chemical suppliers and chemical material suppliers company including non-woven fabrics supplier, fulfilling your every raw material requirement for your manufacturing production needs. Truly we have been around in Malaysia for a long time supplying to the various industry segments from rubber industry, coatings and paint, adhesives, gloves, food industry, pharmaceutical chemical supplier, non woven fabric and to other specialty segments.

We have a strong backing support from our chemical material suppliers providing strong technical and logistic supply of industrial chemicals, raw materials and nonwoven fabrics. We are committed to provide our utmost excellent service to ensure that you will receive your chemical industrial and raw materials needs.

Manufacturers all over have enquired about our excellent products sourced from Japan, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and various other parts of the world for their production requirement.

In the field of rubber chemicals we are able to supply the necessary grade to match your manufacturing requirement. Constant communication and follow-up will ensure that your evaluation of products supplied will meet up to your production criteria requirement.

In addition to sourcing for your raw material requirement, our vast business network located throughout the Asia Pacific will ensure that if you have a business proposal for industrial product trade, we will be able to connect to various parties for marketing and sourcing of your products.

Nothing is impossible as we strive to ensure a satisfactory conclusion to any proposals and inquiries. Excellence into looking at every detail will ensure that all criteria will be met with the utmost efficiency.

With the rise of Malaysia manufacturing industry trade, we are poised to provide the necessary logistic to service this very important sector of the manufacturing ensuring that its growth will continue on for a long time to come.

Contact us now if you have any queries about our products and services that we can render to you.

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