CaCO3 Calcium Carbonate Food Grade

We have a high quality source of CaCO3 Food Grade Calcium Carbonate manufactured in Japan. Food grade industrial chemical supplier is use in the food manufacturing for various functions. Since it is for human consumption, it is manufactured accordingly to very specific production standards to ensure quality.

The typical function of adding CaCO3 Calcium Carbonate to food products are not just to provide as a way to provide calcium as a supplement, but also provide other function such as:

  • To improve texture in chewing gum, rice cracker and snacks.
  • As a calcium supplement in bread, bun, confectionery, milk, juice, yogurt, dairy products; and in fish paste products, raw Chinese noodle and instant noodle.
  • As an efferfervescent powder drinks such as in milk-based drinks, milk powder, and powdered juice.
  • It is used to improve elasticity such as in fish paste products, ham, and fish ham.
  • As a filtration aid such as for wheat flour and starch.
  • As an anti-lumping or anti-caking of seasoning and spice.
  • To neutralize excess acid in food.
  • Used as a coating in chocolate
  • As a mold releaser

The food grade CaCO3 Calcium Carbonate is manufactured from selected natural calcite. It is manufactured from high purity Calcium Carbonate with as much as CaCO3 98% purity and produced under the most exacting specifications. They are manufactured with very fine whiteness with at least 94.5% whiteness. As an inorganic mineral product, there is no possibility of genetic recombination (non-GMO). The food grade Calcium Carbonate improves the crispiness effect from the effect of pH and Calcium ion. It has the ability to improve fluidity.

The CaCO3 Calcium Carbonate is manufactured according to Japanese Food Additive standard, 7th edition. It is easy to make Calcium enrichment in food product by the addition of 400mg according to Japanese Food Additive standards.

The CaCO3 calcium carbonate is manufactured as a pure white powder. It is tasteless and odourless, thus it would not create additional taste and odour to the food product. There are two main types of Calcium Carbonate based on production method, the “heavy” Calcium Carbonates and thus called because it is manufactured using the dry grinding process. The other “light” Calcium Carbonate is manufactured using the carbonation process, also known as precipitated calcium carbonate. The difference between grinding and carbonation process will result in different particle size. The carbonation process would make finer particle size compared with the dry grinding process. The choice of choosing the type will depend on requirement and costing.

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