Color Masterbatch

Color pigment powder is usually difficult to disperse during normal mixing of ingredients. Thus by using color masterbatch, which is pre dispersed into the rubber, silicon rubber or other material base like plastic resin, you can get an evenly disperse color pigment into your rubber, silicon rubber, EVA or plastic material.

Using color masterbatch has one very important advantage against trying to mix your own color pigment powder into your rubber compound. Typically it is difficult to disperse chemical particles with lesser PHR such as anti-oxidants, accelerators and of course color pigment powder. So the best way to go about this is to use masterbatches, which is to predisperse the minute quantity of the chemical onto a smaller amount of raw material, then later use the masterbatch in the main mixing cycle.

Color Masterbatch

Our colour masterbatch uses the SBR rubber and Silicon rubber as base. The SBR rubber color masterbatch can be used for any rubber compound; even if you use say NBR (nitrile butadiene rubber) or BR (butadiene rubber) the amount of SBR used in comparison would not affect the final properties of the rubber product.

In addition, as there are various grades of colour pigment, in order to comply with the various requirements, the chemical material supplier of color masterbatch has submitted their products for rigorous testing to comply with standards set out by various bodies including REACH and ROHS compliance. The color masterbatch are also routinely sent out to SGS testing labs ensure its quality standards. In addition, depending on the color masterbatch grades, you may request FDA approved color masterbatch where your products will have contact with food.

The color masterbatch materials are supplied in rectangular oblong blocks and packed in boxes to be ship and delivered to customers. Customer only need to cut out required quantities of color masterbatch and mixed together with their rubber compounding material.

If customer wishes to reduce their inventory of color masterbatches carried, they may carry the main colours for self mixing into their required shade.

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