Mineral Black

Mineral Black, a special rubber filler made from special bitumen sourced from ground coal. Our industrial chemical suppliers has develop this special bitumen which has a fine particle size and has a unique character of low gravity for rubber and plastic polymers.

When use in the rubber formulation it has the following effect:

  1. By replacing 20-25 parts of Carbon Black with Mineral Black the processing ability of the rubber in extrusion and calendaring are improved without spoiling physical properties.
  2. Even though a high dosage of Mineral Black is used as a filler into a rubber compound, the resilience and compression set are not badly affected.
  3. Mineral Black gives rubber compound a better water resistance and better acid resistance to the final product.
  4. The Mineral Black is suitable for a light weight rubber compound because of its very low true specific gravity, it will contribute to reduce the volume cost of rubber compound.

The typical application of Mineral Black as follows:

  • Tire – side wall, inner liner, carcass, tread for retread tires
  • Belt – flat belt and V-belt
  • Molding press – rubber board, etc
  • Extruded item – weather strip, etc
  • Hose
  • Flooring
  • Rubber roofing and other sheet, etc

The true specific gravity of Mineral Black in comparison with other types of polymer fillers:

As a summary, by using Mineral Black, you have the following advantages:

  • Low pound cost
  • Low pound volume cost
  • Replaces higher cost black fillers
  • Improves chemical resistance
  • Improves processing in some synthetic rubbers
  • Improves hysteresis

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